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Hi, I’m Amber, a nature obsessed modern impressionist artist who really doesn’t know what the word ‘drab’ means, my art explodes with bold, beautiful colours. To me this is happiness!

I love expressing nature as a simplified, organic shape, really breaking down its beauty into the rawness it deserves. This simplicity brings clarity and a sense of peace within me. I have always loved to create and I have discovered in my adult years that painting brings a stillness that makes all my everyday thoughts and head mumble jumble just disappear. An unspoken calm that I need in my life.

Every painting I create has come from a love and connection with nature. A mixture of memories, raw emotion and instinct giving it that unique soul that makes each one so special.


Since 2019 I have been fortunate enough to fulfil my dream of becoming a full time artist. Prior to this I was mainly working as a Graphic Designer for different companies.  I have realised these years behind a computer have helped develop my unique style, I totally believe things in our life happen for reasons and as much as I hated computer designing it really has helped me with my painting style now. I have a love of contrast and harmony, happy accidents and an understanding of colour combinations that will make an impact. 

Oh I did dabble in Investment Banking in London Uk, for a few years as well. (I was curious to know what the ‘real’ corporate world would be like and of course it had to be done in one of the biggest cities and most presitgious banks going). Lol I am a high achiever and perfectionist after all. Yep my conclusion was it was stressful and corporate Aarghh!. Good money but that was a big learning lesson that money isn’t everything. 

I was also one of those crazy carefree antipodean backpackers in the early 2000’s. I spent 7 years being based in London UK, travelling the world, camping, trekking, exploring, drinking, living the carefree life and having fun. Taking in every experience I could possibly fit in. It really did open up my eyes in many ways. As an avid art lover I was fortunate to visit sooo many amazing art galleries along the way. The absolute highlight for me was when I could stand next to an original French Impressionist artwork in the flesh. OMG I would stand there for ages (like embassingly too long) trying to take in every tiny detail, just staring at the colours, the light representation and the brushworks. And you know it is interesting that I often get told that I have an impressionist feel within my work. That makes me happy and I will totally embrace that with pride!


So every crazy backpacker has to eventually settle down right? Well here I am now in a small country town in the picturesque Limestone Coast region of South Australia. Living a very simple, quiet life with my beautiful partner, (aka my packaging guru, keen listener when I babble constantly about ALL my new ideas, photographer when I need a ‘me in action’ shot for instagram), our three spoilt fur babies and my dear mum who also lives with us as she has vascular dementia. My studio is in my backyard and now I am a full time artist I can keep an eye on mum every day and help her out as well. 

I love what I do and feel so grateful to be doing this every day and to have my family near by. The weather could be abit warmer but hey I can put up with that for now.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy exploring my art and I hope it brings you a sense of joy and happiness as it does me!
Amber x