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Being out in nature is a huge inspiration for my artwork. I just cannot get enough of exploring, hiking, our caravan holidays, even just going for long walks with our three adorable dogs. I take it all in - the gorgeous colours, the fresh air, the tranquility. Nature certainly knows how to connect with me in the right way. 

These wonderful memories and my inner happiness and contentment remain with me as I paint. My brushstrokes form soft curving strokes, movement and flow that evokes a sense of nurturing and serenity that is calming to the piece and the room it is in. The colours I use are bold and uplifting, adding a contemporary and joyful feel to your home.
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Once complete my original artworks are all hand signed on the front, then I also sign the back of the canvas as an extra added element that secures its originality. I paint the edges which is a continuation of the painting. I personally think it completes the artwork, plus you do not have to get it framed as it looks finished as is. (Although framing does look Ah-mazing as well!!.. and I do have this as an option). If you can afford the extra for framing I would recommend it, but it’s not a necessity. I have both unframed and framed hanging in my own home. 

I varnish all my originals to help protect from dust and UV light. Plus I love that magical moment when the colours just ‘pops’ once the coats of varnish have been applied. It takes it to another level! 

I make sure the hanging wire and D hooks are securely on the back, oh and I also hand sign and write the artworks name on the back of the canvas


My original paintings can be framed and sent to you, however this is only available if you live within Australia. As much as I would love to, unfortunately I cannot send stretched or framed artworks overseas. Any originals being sent overseas go rolled in a very secure tube, it is an easy process for your local framer to restretch and frame.

The frames are made of premium oak which is a raw and natural wood and compliments my style of artwork beautifully. I’m just in awe each time I see my artwork framed. This style of framing leaves that oh so perfect slight gap between the artwork and the frame and no glass.

If you do want to add a frame please select this option in the drop down menu on each artwork listing. Also feel free to email me with any questions before purchasing.
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Hi, I’m Amber, a nature obsessed modern impressionist artist who really doesn’t know what the word ‘drab’ means, my art resonates with beautiful strong colour palettes in a warm peaceful flow. To me this brings me happiness!

I love expressing nature as a simplified, organic shape, really breaking down its beauty into the rawness it deserves. This simplicity brings clarity and a sense of peace within me, taking me away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. I have always loved to create and I have discovered in my adult years that painting brings a stillness that makes all my everyday thoughts and head mumble jumble just disappear. An unspoken calm that I believe we all should have in our lives.

Every painting I create has come from a love and connection with nature. A mixture of fond memories, contentment and nurturing instinct giving it that unique soul that makes each one so special.


Since 2019 I have been fortunate enough to fulfill my dream of becoming a full time artist. Prior to this I was mainly working as a Graphic Designer and I did dabble in Investment Banking in London UK, for a few years as well. 

Oh yes I was also one of those crazy carefree antipodean backpackers in the early 2000’s. I spent 7 years being based in London UK, traveling the world, camping, trekking, exploring, living the carefree life and having fun. Taking in every experience I could possibly fit in. It really did open up my eyes in many ways. As an avid art lover I was fortunate to visit sooo many amazing art galleries along the way. The absolute highlight for me was when I could stand next to an original French Impressionist artwork in the flesh. I would take in every tiny detail, just staring at the colours, the light representation and the brushworks. And you know it is interesting that I often get told that I have an impressionist feel within my work now. That makes me happy and I will totally embrace that with pride!
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So every crazy backpacker has to eventually settle down right? Well here I am now in a small country town in the picturesque Limestone Coast region of South Australia. Living a very simple, quiet life with my beautiful partner, (aka my packaging guru, keen listener, photographer) and our three very spoilt fur babies. My studio is in my backyard and I love just popping ‘out the back’ for work with my gorgeous puppies in tow.

I love what I do and feel so grateful to be doing this every day and to have my family near by. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy exploring my art and I hope it brings you a sense of joy and comfort as it does me!
Amber x

AS FEATURED IN..... Art Edit Magazine, Home Design Magazine, Singapore Business Times 


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