As artists we are able to express our feelings and emotions onto the canvas, which can be a very raw and scary thing to do. I am opening up my world to you, and I want you to also find your own inner connection.


An emerging Australian artist with a love for nature and a background full of creativity. Having artistic grandparents, one who received a scholarship for Art and another who was a Draftsman and helped rebuild Poland after the war, designing and creating was always in her blood. 

As a child growing up in a rural country Australia, Amber Gittins loved two things, one - to be outside exploring the arid Australian outback that was on her doorstep and two - to be inside drawing and painting when it became too hot (40 degrees C) to be outside.

After completing a Bachelor of Visual Communications, Amber had a need to explore and see as much of the world as she could.  For 7 years she backpacked and soaked up the cultures and experiences that the world had to offer. Learning and seeing both environmental beauty and devastation along the way. Her highlights were leaving the cities and heading out in nature, camping, trekking, visiting animal rescue centers and seeing wild animals in their natural habitats living free.

Eventually Amber headed home to her family who were now in country Mount Gambier, South Australia. After settling back in, the urge to get the paint brushes and easel out was strong and she began painting at night, after her day job as a Graphic Designer. The subject matter that came so naturally to her was painting nature and the colours and movement flowed freely onto the canvas. Her travel memories and emotions all flooding out onto the canvas into her own unique style. By 2017 Ambers focus on painting was turning into a dedicated obsession, her online following too was growing rapidly and her artworks began selling to collectors around the world. Two years later in mid 2019, her dream of becoming a full time artist became a reality and she dove head first into her passion. 

Ambers colourful expressive artworks show her love for the natural environment and this connection flows out onto the canvas. Trained in Graphic Design she applies her practices and techniques in colour theory, negative space and embracing happy accidents. Her work is colourful, energetic and uplifting. Her process is combined with a mixture of imagination, instinct and raw emotion. She has a talent for combining the perfect colour combinations and her spontaneous brushstrokes create paintings that are visually exciting and full of life. Her work is intuitive and comes from a place in her heart that is full of cherished moments and hope. Her years of travel have opened her eyes up to a beautiful world that needs to be seen and also needs to be cherished. 

Amber continues her journey as a nature loving artist in her studio in her backyard, sharing her home with her wonderful partner who is a Ranger, her beautiful mum who is now living with them as she has dementia and their three very spoilt fur babies.

AS SEEN IN..... Art Edit Magazine, Home Design Magazine, Singapore Business Times