Amber is a full time Australian artist working from her studio in Mount Gambier, South Australia. Amber’s colourful abstract paintings are inspired by the wonders and beauty of nature. Looking deeper into the forms and shapes that nature creates. Embracing and enhancing the unique colours. The way light and shadow create a strong connection with the visual form and structure. Engaging with the rawness, light and motion, the falling leaves, the blossoming petals to create artworks showcasing the best of nature. Taking you to a deeper level and understanding - natures beauty is everywhere!

M Y   S T O R Y 

As a child growing up in country Australia, Amber Gittins has always found solace in art. She has been obsessed with the creative world for as long as she can remember.

After completing her Visual Communication Degree in 1998, Amber headed overseas to travel and explore the world. Based in London, England, Amber spent 7 years traveling the world at every opportunity and working as a Graphic Designer and a few years in Investment Banking along the way.

In 2017, Amber had moved back to Australia and had settled down in regional Mount Gambier working as a Graphic Designer. She always had a dream to one day become a full time artist, to step away from the corporate working life and do what her heart wanted the most. Now was the right time and she began to make it happen, painting in every spare moment she could find, setting up her own website and building an art studio to work in.

In 2019, as luck may have it, she was made redundant from her Graphic Design job. Amber dove head first into her painting and her life as a full time artist had begun.

Her subject matter centers around nature and particularly botanical and organic forms. Stemming from a lifelong love for being outdoors and exploring the world around her.

Amber’s artwork can been seen in a variety of publications including Home Design Magazine, Singapore’s Business Times, Art Edit Magazine, Art Lovers Australia Book and Saatchi Art Publication. Her artworks are hung in homes all around the world. Amber is currently exhibiting some of her paintings at Koopmans Dunkeld Gallery in Halls Gap, Victoria and also at Green Door Decor - Homewares Store in Mt Gambier, SA.

Amber believes that ‘giving’ is such a rewarding and selfless thing and that "we should all try and help in any way we can". As an artist she is fortunate enough to be able to donate paintings to different charities for fundraising. Over the past few years her favourite charities have been the Starlight Children’s Foundation, Epilepsy Australia and artforbales for the Australian Farmers.

Moving forward, Amber wants to explore and capture more botanical forms and continue to explore the beautiful colour combinations that are truly endless.

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"Embrace a creative soul"

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