Artist Statement

Predominantly my inspiration for my work comes from my love of exploring colour, my obsession with the beauty of nature and my life long fixation with the French Impressionists. 

Through my art I want to take the viewer on an emotional journey, to let them perceive and really feel their own emotions and thoughts whilst viewing my work. 
The meaning of different colours and how they can subconsciously make people feel is something I find fascinating. Through my use of different colour palettes I want to evoke instinctive positive feelings and for the viewer to feel that personal connection with each artwork.
Nature is a predominant subject matter for my work, there is beauty and growth everywhere and I love to recreate my own interpretation of this using unique, organic abstract forms. 
I want the painting to come to life, my brush strokes are deliberate and intuitive and the sweeping brush effects focus on depicting the movement and vitality of the natural form. Nature is rarely still and neither are our thoughts. I want to merge these two elements into a positive form of optimism and hope within ourselves when viewing the artwork.
Being an artist is where I find my peace and happiness and I ultimately hope that the viewers can also find a sense of personal beauty through my art that conveys to their own inner happiness. 


  • Bachelor Degree of Visual Communications at the University of SA.

  • My paintings are in private collections throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK and the USA. 

  • Current online galleries that represent my work:
    Art Lovers Australia, Art Edit, Bluethumb Art, Saatchi Art

  • I like to donate to different charities for fundraising, including The Starlight Children’s Foundation, Epilepsy Australia and artforbales for the Australian Farmers.

  • Currently listed as one of Art Lovers Australia's popular artists.


2019  :  Southern Ocean Art Prize, Robe, South Australia

2019  :  John Shaw Neilson Aquisitive Art Prize, Coonawarra Arts Festival

2018 - 2019  :  Solo Exhibition, Nalou Cafe - Mount Gambier

2017  :  John Shaw Neilson Aquisitive Art Prize, Coonawarra Arts Festival

2015  :  John Shaw Neilson Aquisitive Art Prize, Coonawarra Arts Festival

2015  :  SEAS Open Art Awards, Riddoch Art Gallery


2019 :  Finalist Art Lovers Australia 2019 Art Prize

2018 :  Finalist Art Lovers Australia 2018 Art Prize

2015 :  People's Choice Award  SEAS Open Arts Awards

2015 :  Highly Commended  SEAS Open Art Awards

2015 :  Highly Commended John Shaw Neilson Acquisitive Art Prize


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