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Inside Australian botanical abstract artists Art Studio. Amber standing by her desk with her paint with large colourful abstract floral original paintings surrounding her.


My name is Amber and I’m a full time artist living in the beautiful Limestone Coast region of South Australia. I have been a full time artist since 2019 and most days you will find me happily painting in my backyard studio with my puppy dogs keeping me company and a warm cuppa tea close by.

I like to describe my artwork as colourful, optimistic and highlighting the serenity in nature. I want the viewer to revisit and feel all the calming emotions and joy we get from being in nature.

There are so many wonderful elements when I am out exploring in nature that make me forget about all the unnecessary chatter and to do lists constantly running through my head. Being in nature allows me to just be in the moment and really truely embrace the joyful energy of it. 

I find it’s the unconscious movements in nature that creates a sense of calm for me. The fresh breeze on my face, the gentle swaying of trees and branches, the rhythmic sound of a flowing river, the soft organic shapes of flower petals and leaves. I take these moments back to the studio and incorporate these elements onto the canvas through my exploration of colour, movement and organic shapes. The whole process of going for long nature walks with my beloved dogs, being surrounded by inspiration, then creating such happiness on the canvas back in my studio is so meditative and just pure bliss for me.

My aim is to capture natures beauty and calmness so that you too can experience these feelings back in your own home. 

I believe we should always surround ourselves with beautiful, joyful things that keep us grounded and peaceful and nature has so much to give us.

My artwork can be found in galleries and stockists around Australia and also on major online art galleries such as Bluethumb Art and Saatchi Art. I also sell alot of my work directly to my collectors through my website. I love to hear the story of how someone connects with an artwork and receiving photos and lovely messages from my collectors is an absolute ‘icing on the cake’ moment.

You can sign up to my mailing list 'Studio Catch Up’ to receive emails on what I am up to, new art releases and for news on up and coming sales. Plus you will get 15% off as a thank you for signing up. I try to do a weekly email. 

You can also email me with any enquiries or questions.
I love getting to know people that connect with my art.

Thank you for popping by, it really does mean the world to have your support. x

Botanical artist Amber Gittins kneeling down in her art studio next to a blue abstract floral and behind her is an abstract pink floral on an easel.
Artist Amber Gittins by a stormy beach with her blue heeler dog.
Australian botanical abstract artist Amber Gittins in her artstudio painting one of her flower abstract paintings.


Who doesn't love to watch an artist painting? Below is some places where you will find videos of me painting and chatting all things art:
South Australian abstract floral artist in her art studio painting a pink, red and blue abstract floral on an extra large canvas. You Tube floral artist painting in her studio.
Artist Amber Gittins being interviewed on YouTube with artist Ros Gervay.
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