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Amber Gittins is a South Australian abstract botanical artist creating calm nature inspired artworks from her studio in the beautiful Limestone Coast region.

Having achieved trending artist in 2020 and then becoming a rising star and among the top best sellers in 2021, her paintings are becoming increasingly popular on Bluethumb Art - Australia’s largest online Art Gallery - for their beautiful joyful colour palettes and calming connection with nature.

Several career highlights include: Guest speaker on podcasts and blogs, solo and group exhibitions. Finalist in the Art Lovers Australia Gallery art prize for 2018, 2019, 2020. Being featured in Home Design Australia Magazine 2020, publications in Singapores Business Times in 2019 and featured in Art Edit Magazine 2018. 

Amber completed a Bachelor of Visual Communication at the University of South Australia. Amber spent 7 years traveling the world and working as a Graphic Designer before settling back home in Australia and is now a full time artist.

Amber’s paintings are a representation of her inner desire to find peace and happiness within herself. She loves to spend time going for walks in nature taking in the sounds, smells, colours, movements around her, this unconscious memory is brought back into the studio and intuitively painted onto the canvas.

She uses acrylics as she loves the fast drying time of acrylic paints, which helps in the creation of the natural flowing movement that give her that signature style.

Amber loves exploring colour and the way different combinations can make us feel. Her colour palettes are ever changing with each piece, which can also coincide with her current mood and also varies depending on the time of year and season she is in. 

Through out her life Amber has always searched for a quiet calm in her day to day living and she has found painting is the one thing that can give her this. 

Amber has 100’s of paintings in private collections in Australia and all around the world.

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2022: Christmas Show, curated by Mia Oatley, Online Exhibition 27 November

2022: In Full Bloom, September Spring Exhibition, The Interiors Assembly. Torquay, Viictoria

2022: Big Blue Sky, curated by Mia Oatley, Online Exhibition August

2022: Incognito Art Show, Surry Hills, Sydney

2021: Petal and Twig Exhibition, Kathryn and The Bear - Melbourne, Victoria

2021: Solo exhibition, Rymill Winery, - Coonawarra

2021: Inside This Box - Group Exhibition, The Corner Store Gallery , Orange NSW

2020: Group Exhibition, Koopmans Dunkeld Gallery - Victoria

2019 Southern Ocean Art Prize 2019, Robe, South Australia

2019: John Shaw Neilson Aquisitive Art Prize, Coonawarra Arts Festival

2018: Solo Exhibition, Nalou Cafe - Mount Gambier

2017: John Shaw Neilson Aquisitive Art Prize, Coonawarra Arts Festival

2015: SEAS Open Art Awards, Riddoch Art Gallery

2015: John Shaw Neilson Aquisitive Art prize, Coonawarra Arts Festival


2022: Printed Publication, Saatchi Art Gallery Fall 2022

2022: Artist Spotlight Series, YouTube Interview with Ros Gervay.

2021: Bluethumb Art Gallery, Artists to watch in 2021. Rising Stars and among our top best sellers.

2020: Bluethumb Trending Artists

2020: Finalist Art Lovers Australia Art Prize

2020: Feature in Home Design Magazine, Creative Selection of Australian Artists

2020: Printed publication, Saatchi Art Gallery Fall 2020

​2020: Ros Gervay Creative Blog Interview. Q&A With Artist Amber Gittins.

2019: Singapore’s Business Times. Article ‘Tropical Zen’

2019: Finalist Art Lovers Australia Art Prize

2019: Printed publication, Art Lovers Australia Art Book

2019: Blog, Art Lovers Australia, The Natural Abstracts of Amber Gittins

2018: Finalist Art Lovers Australia Art Prize

2018: Printed publication, Art Edit Magazine

2018: Blog Interview,
2018: Interview, The Border Watch Newspaper

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All of Amber's original artworks are hand signed on the front, then also signed on the back of the canvas as an extra added element that secures its originality. She makes sure the hanging wire and D hooks are securely on the back. Amber paints the edges which is a continuation of the painting and believes it completes the artwork, plus you do not have to get it framed as it looks finished as is.

Amber varnishes all her originals to help protect from dust and UV light. She loves that magical moment when the colours just ‘pops’ once the coats of varnish have been applied. Taking it to another level! 


If you can afford the extra for framing Amber recommends it, but it’s not a necessity. However, the framing option is only available if you live within Australia. As much as she would love to, unfortunately she cannot send stretched or framed artworks overseas. Any originals being sent overseas go rolled in a very secure tube, it is then an easy process for your local framer to restretch and frame.

The frames are made of premium oak which is a raw and natural wood and compliments her style of artwork beautifully. This style of framing leaves that oh so perfect slight gap between the artwork and the frame and no glass, it really does look amazing.

If you do want to add a frame please select this option in the drop down menu on each artwork listing. Also feel free to email Amber with any questions before purchasing.
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"Well here I am now in the picturesque Limestone Coast region of South Australia, albeit a bit bloody cold for my liking but still very beautiful. Living a very simple country life with my beautiful partner, (aka my packaging guru, keen listener, photographer) and our three very spoilt fur babies. My studio is in my backyard and I love just popping ‘out the back’ for work each morning with a fresh cuppa and my gorgeous puppies by my side."

"I love what I do and feel so grateful to be doing this every day and to have my family near by. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy exploring my art and I hope it brings you the same sense of calm and comfort as it does when I create it!"
Amber x


Who doesn't love to watch an artist painting? Below is some places where you will find videos of me painting and chatting all things art:
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