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Wildflower-Garden_Canvas_Room 3_edited.jpg
Australian abstract floral artist Amber Gittins standing in her art studio with colourful flower paintings in the background.
Sunkissed-Garden_canvas_Room 3_edited.jpg
Hi, I'm Amber Gittins

" Thanks for popping by, I am a full time abstract floral artist living in Mount Gambier, South Australia. My gorgeous little art studio ‘my happy place’ is in my backyard and I love painting with rich colour palettes that are uplifting and energising. 

I have always found so much pleasure and inspiration when I am outside exploring the beauty in nature. To then be able to combine this love of nature and flowers with my passion for vibrant colours brings me so much happiness.

My signature painting style is bright and eye catching and has a sense of playful energy through the organic flowing brushstrokes. I find the process of painting very meditative and this freeing movement with the brush helps define that joyful and also peaceful connection with nature.

Painting is my meditation and it is what makes me truly happy! It brings me so much joy to be able to create these gorgeous colourful floral artworks every day. Each artwork has a unique special place in my heart and has been created with so much love and happiness and I love that I can share this with you. x "


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